beat saber

tournament at untethered vr

Have you got the skills to take on all challengers? Prove you are the ultimate BEAT SABER Master!

Claim your title at our upcoming Untethered VR Tournament. 

sun 27 ocT



Tickets : $25
Format : single player
prize : $500 cash

The player will be required to play three songs (given on the night), and attempt to try and score as many points as possible. 

The player with the highest total combined score of the three songs will win $500 CASH! Winner take all. 

Please note: Difficulty will be set to a combination of hard and expert mode and will be the same for each competitor. With 'no fail' turned ON this will enable you to battle it out for points without the fear of failing. No modifiers or custom songs, but may include tracks from the Monstercat or Imagine Dragons DLC. 

entries close midnight 26/10/2019

Free to spectate


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